🔥90% Of Profits To Fight Domestic Abuse. 🔥

House Spiral

House Spiral is many things.  A community. A Mindset.  A force for good in the world.  We are outliers. Mavericks. We embrace the dark and the light.

It's about calling a spade a spade. It's about Truth.  It's about Kindness. It's about Courage. 

Join us as we explore together...

Our meager profits go to charity.  We focus on encouraging STEM education, Ending Domestic Abuse, Rape and Ignorance.

We are working toward giving $5,000 a month to a worthy charity. Right now that is RAINN a well organized and widely praised anti rape and domestic abuse orgianzation.  

50% of House Spiral's profits go to directly Charity the other 50% goes into building the community so that we can continue to give, instead of just being a one-time donation. 

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