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What is House Spiral?

"Hugs Are Good. Jerks Are Bad"
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House Spiral is a home for the unusual, the outlier, the maverick. 

At its core House Spiral is a social club for some and a family to others.  For people that want to be accepted.  For they that want to help. For people that know family doesn't end with blood.  They that love. 

Join House Spiral You Need to be PRO-SOCIAL.  That is believing that by being helpful to others you are helping yourself.  Introvert or extrovert you want to help and be helped.  Belong and help belong. 

Our hope is that you will consider yourself at least ONE of 5 other things:

A Goth

A Nerd

A Kinkster (BDSM)

A Cat lover

A Fashion Lover

Above all else you do not look down upon or are dismissive of any of the above interests!


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Courage - Courage to live our lives on our terms. Courage to be proud. Speak the truth to power. Courage to temper our truth, when appropriate, to not hurt others unnecessarily. Courage to be truthful about our own failings. 

Kindness - Kind to ourselves. Kind to the planet. Kindness to help each other. 

Truth - Be truthful with ourselves and each other.  Find our own cognitive biases and logic errors. 

Loyalty -  Do not join if you cannot be trusted to be truthful and loyal to the above ideas. 

The heavily stylized triple spiral above (The House Spiral Tribune) as a whole covers our ideals but taken together also implies pride and solidarity. The spiral itself symbolizes the cycle of life and the journey from ignorance to enlightenment in three different contexts (Courage, Kindness Truth, Loyalty #CKTL). 



Goth, the house spiral symbols


How to become  part of House Spiral. 

1. A Supporter
If you think that you are part of  House Spiral,  and believe in our words:
"Hugs Are Good. Jerks Are Bad." Then then you are.  

2. A Member

A member is one that puts their money where their mouth is.  Not a painful amount but a symbolic amount.  If $1 a month is all you can spare sign up for one dollar a month here: 

2. A Family Member

House Spiral Household members are holders of:

The Order of The Red Dragon. 

We are in this for the long haul.  This is our chosen family. 

A true household member actually helps. Not just says they wish to help. 

We do not assume.  We do.  To that end a Household member will do their

best to help the family.  At a minimum:

Required: $1 a month here:  https://Patreon.com/HouseSpiral
Required: One existing member vouches for your trustworthiness. 
Required: 100 "House Loyalty Measures" a month:

Averaging 2 House Spiral Gatherings - 50 LM
Monthly Donation  Dollar Amount x 5 = LM
- eg $5 X 10 = 50 LM
Helping regularly with any of our efforts = 50LM
- The House Spiral Family


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