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Our Mission - Join Us!

Truth, Kindness, Courage
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Current Goal: Goths Against Rape and Domestic Abuse. The goal doesn't end just because domestic abuse month ends. 

Started in 2001 as a real-life community to encourage education about goth/industrial music, to help lost souls enter the community.

House Spiral is a home for the unusual, the outlier, the rogue, the maverick. 

We are Goths, and Alternative types not fully accepted by the mainstream and take that as a point of pride. We want to be PROUD of who we are or we are working toward it. Sure we might not "dress the part" every day, but we also should not be afraid of our interests.

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The Way of the Spiral Goth

If you think that you are part of  House Spiral, then you are. A true full-fledged Spiral Goth works to perfect the values of Truth, Kindness, and Courage. 


a drawing of a faceThese Values Are Compatible With Any Open Minded Way Of Thinking

They Do Not Need to be a replacement.

Truth - Be truthful with ourselves and each other. To have the courage to be truthful and constantly test ourselves as to what the actual truth is. To search for it, to not hold to any dogma but continually live an examined, mindful life. 

Kindness - Kind to ourselves. Kind to the planet. Kindness to help each other. 

Courage - Courage to live our lives on our terms. Courage to be proud. Speak the truth to power. Courage to temper our truth, when appropriate, to not hurt others unnecessarily.

The heavily stylized triple spiral above (The House Spiral Triune) as a whole covers our ideals but taken together also implies pride and solidarity. The spiral itself symbolizes the cycle of life and the journey from ignorance to enlightenment. 

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We want to make the world a better place by bettering ourselves and helping others. 90% our profits will go to charity. Once we reach $5000 dollars we will be donating it to RAINN. We will then poll the community for our next goal. 

The other 10% of our profits will be spent to better our community and brand so we can be an engine of charity and a stronger force for good in the world. To create cool stuff. Donate more, forever, rather than a one-time handout. 

We are in this for the long haul. We will run at a slight loss and could really use your involvement. Tell the world you care and are proud! Think about becoming a Patron.

If you care about Truth. If you care about helping the less fortunate. If you would like to be part of House Spiral and our Mission, please think about donating, recommending and being part of our community.

- The House Spiral Family

HouseSpiral on Facebook and The House Spiral Boosters Group for the more concerned and helpful.  


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